About us

Our history

StArt La Palma was born as an astronomy outreach group focused on transmitting astronomy in a dynamic, accessible and participatory way, making art its means of dissemination, thus creating a culture focused on respect for nature, the defense of the sky as a privilege and natural heritage of the island of La Palma, and exalting the added value by uniting art with science.

We are a group of astronomical divulgation that uses art as a means of transmission, conformed by María José, Nicolás y Carlos, who together have knowledge in different fields focused on the revitalization and dissemination project, which aims to make the island of La Palma live astronomy as a culture and is accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Who we are

We are a company, we are an outreach group, we are artists, we are also field astronomers.

However, all that still doesn't describe who we really are.

If you want to understand better what we are, come and live an experience with us!

Nicolás León

Starlight Astronomy Monitor and Artist

María José Briceño

Starlight Astronomy Monitor and Artist

Carlos Briceño

ICT Management, Electronics Technician